The powerful detoxification effect of charcoal was known to different peoples of antiquity, such as egyptians, Greeks, and American Indians. But only in the early nineteenth century came the first reports of experiments in public, where it is proven the ability to neutralize potentially lethal poisons.

It is used to combat poisoning by food, drugs, medicines, pesticides and heavy metals. These types of substances accumulated in our body can cause hormonal changes, weight gain, mineral deficiency and alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s tendency. By the power to absorb and expel body fat is also good for cholesterol.

Charcoal is used in natural cosmetic products for its strong cleaning and absorption properties. Controls oil, helps remove various impurities, toxins and make-up residues, without dehydrate. Its medicinal properties promote a luminous, soft and uniform skin.

By its detox powers, active charcoal has properties that help remove impurities inside and outside the body.

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