IBO - Coffee Route

“The IBO platform | Rota do Café is developed by INMA, Agro-business, Tourism & Services and supported by the Carlos Morgado Foundation. It is managed by people who appreciate the rich culture of Ibo Island and has a deep experience in working directly with their communities and this allows us to work with producers to ensure quality standards and defend their interests for fairer remuneration of their production. The objectives of the project and the platform are: training of producers in improving the quality, efficiency and expansion of coffee production; recover, value and preserve the history of coffee from Ibo Island; improve the distribution and marketing of coffee; promote initiatives that adopt good practices of economic, environmental and socio-cultural sustainability; to strengthen tourism on Ibo Island and Cabo Delgado Province.” In partnership with this project and with Ibo Coffee as the main ingredient, we have created and developed a unique soap recipe that transports us to the island, the origin of this rich product. As a way to support the objectives of the platform, dissemination and promotion of the brand, we have created a limited edition Mbeu – Café do Ibo. An exfoliating soap for all skin types, which activates circulation and is rich in antioxidants.


“Contribute to the development of agritourism and the historical-cultural rescue of the identity of coffee in Ibo Island and in the region.”