The principles we practice in the day-to-day in our project have a direct relationship with the impacts of our work on the surrounding environment. In this way we have a value base that values the use of vegetable raw material, local, and the transformation of these in an artisanal and sustainable way. Thus creating a project with a green footprint, zero waste and no tests done on animals.



All ingredients are of plant origin, biodegradable and untested in animals. Knowing and understanding the properties of each plant is our highest priority, because it is in nature that we find the perfect ingredients for the creation of our products.



We have a great concern for local trade, so all the raw material we use is produced between Mozambique and South Africa. In addition to the origin of the raw material, we sell our products in small and large areas as a way to support local commerce.



We believe that handmade products are enriched by dedication and love when they are produced. So we have a team of six people produces from packaging to all products in a handmade way.



All the ingredients we use are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Non-waste production and zero waste are one of the objectives of our project, so all leftovers are reused in the production of soaps to donate.