Wasser Für Wasser - WfW

“In Switzerland, having access to clean water is normal. But that’s not the reality in the whole world. That’s why Wasser Für Wasser promotes tap water consumption, raises awareness of the value of clean water and integrates donations into everyday life. Together with more than 500 partner companies, WfW provides sustainable access to clean water and basic sanitation in urban areas of Zambia and Mozambique. The use of water is a crucial important for future generations. Only about half of Mozambique’s population has access to clean water and only 20% have access to adequate sanitation facilities. It is estimated that this health situation costs the government more than 4 billion meticais – about 70 million Swiss francs – each year due to premature deaths, medical costs and productivity losses. Access and infrastructure needed to access clean water can significantly improve the lives of thousands of people.” A partnership that began in 2018, WfW and Faz Eco come together to contribute to a greater development of access to basic sanitation in the urban areas of Maputo and Mozambique. From customizing Yakoko soap as a gift for all WfW donors, to creating other partners that promote the development of Faz Eco. The last project created together was the Solidarity Health Kit, where the purchase of each kit is given a soap to the population.


“It is in sub-Saharan Africa that most people without access to clean water or basic sanitation live. That is why our projects are concentrated in the urban areas of Zambia and Mozambique.”