Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor - WSUP

“Today, about 900 million urban residents have no choice but to live in low-income communities – with poor buildings lacking the most basic services such as water and sanitation. As cities will be the future place of many developing countries, it is essential to invest in basic services and infrastructure. This is why Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) was established in 2005. In cities, it is crucial to strengthen organizations tasked with providing services throughout the city. We are a trusted partner for utilities, municipalities and the private sector, supporting them in service development, infrastructure building and fundraising that will help them reach low-income communities.” Our partnership with WSUP began in 2019 with a shared vision of improving the conditions of access to hygiene in some communities and some projects have already been developed together. From the production of more than 28000 soaps to donate to maputo schools, to practical workshops, held in the same schools, on the production of organic handmade soap.


“We have improved services by working side-by-side with local suppliers. We help transform cities to benefit millions of people who don’t have access to water and sanitation.”